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Working at Roblox: Meet bc Wong

As the Technical Director on the Have confidence & Safety group, bc Wong helps offer protection to our community by creating instruments, processes, and programs designed to reduce exposure to abusive bellow material and behaviors. We spoke with bc to study more about his primary work on creating a agreeable and civil position for everyone on Roblox.

Order your group’s role here at Roblox.

We invent programs that title abuse, each and every proactively and reactively (that draw after users describe them), and make a selection action on the bellow material (elimination) as smartly because the users who violate our community standards. We consume quite loads of machine discovering out and moreover leverage human moderators where we will’t automate yet.

How is your trip as Technical Director at Roblox diversified from diversified engineering management roles you’ve had?

My job as a particular person contributor is identical to many others: abet work out the long hump express of product and engineering, rally the group in direction of it, and contribute to technical solutions that gather us there. But what’s special at Roblox is the of us. As smartly as to being talented, my teammates are smitten by our Have confidence & Safety mission. It’s invigorating to work with a group with such a convincing sense of way and stumble on our work translate into precise world impact.

In truth, all of us care deeply about the community. Many other folks who work here had been on Roblox for a extremely long timesome even learned to code from Robloxand all of us wish to invent a more civil community. So, an intelligent demand for Have confidence & Safety is study how to better leverage your full firm in our mission. That’s one thing we’re actively engaged on. In my thought, I gather to engage with many varied teams, which is one thing I trip loads.

What’s one of the most provocative parts about working in your group at Roblox?

In frequent, study how to beget abuse off a platform is a consistently evolving scenario. Now we must attain quite loads of research and experimentation as an business. For Roblox, we moreover must scale our solutions to strengthen such a monumental viewers. For Roblox, the monumental viewers of our platform adds a twist to the scenario. A social platform catering exclusively to adults also can beget to merely kick out any users who point out pass behavior, our solution wants to strengthen a wide vary of age groups. As an example, some users also can’t completely realize our community standards or they haven’t learned study how to behave responsibly on-line. There could be an opportunity hereand almost a accountabilityto present the next expertise on study how to turn out to be civil on-line citizens.

What are a couple of of the more advanced complications you and your group are engaged on?

I’ll give two examples of complications with very diversified time scales. We play a cat-and-mouse sport with these that abuse our platform. When they’re ready to  exploit gaps in our detection ideas, we attain up with better and more systematic ideas to beget them. The principle here is to be systematic, to search out invariants in how abusers behave. We’re largely succeeding. But our reaction time isn’t very instantaneous yet. This intersection of analytics, data infrastructure, and product integration is a blast to work on.

At a good wider time scale, the operate of safety wants to conform because the Roblox community is popping into more various. A year previously, more than half of of our users had been below 13. Now more than half of are over 13. How can we give our users more freedom and unruffled beget the trip agreeable? Assorted teams in some unspecified time in the future of the firm are collaboratively engaged on this, re-imagining key formula of the platform. This moreover ties into a degree I made earlier, on study how to better leverage your full firm in the Have confidence & Safety mission.

How has the work at Roblox challenged you?

I’ve been consistently discovering out since I joined about a year and half of previously, which is quite loads of fun. The Have confidence & Safety enviornment was unusual for me. So was machine discovering out. I in actual fact shipped my first ML model at Roblox. Now I’m discovering out about our graphics rendering expertise. The engineering facet of Roblox has so many various applied sciences that I usually in actual fact feel worship an intern.

How does Roblox strengthen you as a technical innovator?

What has been very kindly in guiding me is one of Roblox’s core values, “Purchase the Prolonged Look”. There could be unruffled thousands brief tactical work to achieve, nonetheless taking the long glimpse challenges me to achieve and put together them with regards to the lope back and forth space I wish to assemble to. It moreover helps me stumble on the bigger gaps that don’t point out up in any tactical to-attain list. As an illustration, likely we on the general is far more efficient if now we secure an completely unusual class of info analytics capacity. Roblox offers me room to search out and take a look at that out.

I’m moreover fortunate to secure gather entry to to your full Roblox brain believe to earn and validate tips. There are deep enviornment consultants in data science, machine discovering out, infrastructure, networking, compilers, graphics, and more. I’ve picked their brains on one component or one other. In most cases as soon as they secure got tips connected to safety, they attain out to the group. All people I’ve met at Roblox (and I joined throughout the pandemic) is amazingly nice, kindly, and suited with their time. This inappropriate pollination of tips, in some unspecified time in the future of such a various community, is one of the most issues I love most about Roblox.

in becoming a member of the Have confidence & Safety group at Roblox? We’re in any respect times having a leer for unusual expertise, so take a look at us out at corp.roblox.com/careers and stumble on if there’s a job that’s wonderful for you.

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