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Working at Roblox: Meet Andrea Fletcher

Andrea is a utility engineer centered on bringing folks together and fostering communication on Roblox. She’s labored on several groups at some stage in her tenure at Roblox, and for the time being works on the Groups characteristic from at some stage within the Social team.

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We work on the parts that bring folks together and foster communication, relish Chat, Chums, and Groups. We enable users to search out the oldsters and communities that topic to them, work to deepen these connections, and assist builders to combine these communities and folks within their experiences

What is one in every of primarily the most interesting parts about working in your team at Roblox?

No topic being hired as a stout-stack web developer and doing mostly web frontend work, the scope of things I’ve labored on has been very huge: I’ve fixed Android bugs, ran migrators, and made database changes. There’s continuously a likelihood to be taught other disciplines and take up contemporary skills, and my colleagues are very delivery to serving to out within and exterior of their groups. 

Secondly, the principle characteristic I work on—Groups—serves hundreds of assorted applications. You would possibly perchance include a Neighborhood to arrange a development team, develop a group, or act as a faction in a roleplaying trip. When enforcing contemporary parts, now we should always ensure that we’re pondering all train situations, guaranteeing that users include frictionless interactions with Roblox despite how they obtain admission to the platform. This implies that after we create a recent characteristic, we ensure that it’s going to also even be leveraged all over any tool or browser. It’s relaxing and difficult to place myself within the various sneakers of our users and train time thought their wants and behaviors.

How is your trip on the team at Roblox assorted from other roles you’ve had?

As an engineer, my input in roadmap planning is valued and listened to. Our team has gargantuan relationships between engineering, product, and put. Every person looks to be impressed to work together on parts as a replace of cease their separate parts and hand it off. This collaborative culture has helped me develop as greater than correct an engineer.

What’s one snort you cherish regarding the culture at Roblox?

Roblox is gargantuan because we truly cease care about our group. We have a very energetic developer discussion board, and hundreds of employees include backgrounds as group contributors. I trip engaged on a product that has this kind of passionate and heroic group of folks utilizing it, and it makes me excited to plug to work every day. 

I also cherish our company culture. We obtain things performed nonetheless don’t pick ourselves too critically. Every Halloween now we include a company-large costume contest with prizes for the various courses. It’s so relaxing to look at folks plug for Most Robloxian by dressing up as their Roblox characters or popular avatar bundles, or seeing a whole team in matching onesies or dressing up as their favorite television characters.

in joining the Social team at Roblox? We’re continuously buying for price contemporary skill, so take a look at us out at corp.roblox.com/careers/ and survey if there’s a characteristic that’s factual for you.

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