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Revolutionizing Our Micro Frontend Construct Pipeline

The Roblox Web Application has been built as a monolith. As within the plot below, it requires all engineers growing on one project to release collectively. The project is built the utilization of a .Rep MVC framework, along with Asp .Rep Web Produce, so making use of any change requires MSBuild — even for JS/CSS/Image adjustments.

Construct and Deployment

On the shopper aspect, loading web resources has two instances — the browser’s first time soliciting for the helpful resource, and pulling from CDN after the first request. Our flowchart below reveals how uploading resources to CDN is included within the first-time-loading effort.

Then, after the first-time-loading arena, the browser will initiate pulling a helpful resource from the CDN as such:

With over 10+ years of proper pattern and an aging code deplorable, our pattern and release pipelines lack the effectivity we recount from the CDN. This has occurred for a pair of causes:

  • Even if there are handiest web asset adjustments (such as Javascript, CSS, HTML, photos, and many others.), the final web location wants to be built and deployed.
  • If any points come up from adjustments, all dedicated adjustments from pretty a pair of teams must rely on the notify to be resolved earlier than they’d perhaps likely even be released.

Additionally, web resources are bundled and uploaded to the CDN by a class draw, making contemporary Frontend expertise – such as ES6+(ECMAScript 6+) or Typescript – hard to adapt for long-term pattern. Thus, the most up-to-date procure and deployment pipeline creates boundaries for all and sundry.

Since 2017, Roblox has tested a differ of approaches to isolate procure and deployment processes for web resources.

  1. The principle successful draw has been to fetch our learnings from the introduction of smaller API sites and apply it to manufacture app sites. App sites bear web resources per aspect and deploy as their very dangle project. An app location is no longer a person web location: pretty, it presents endpoints to bundle resources and returns the redirected CDN URL.
  2. The 2nd fragment is to introduce a Webpack bundle plan as a change to our assemblies class draw, on the side of a brand unusual static say material carrier. This permits us to upload bundles into the CDN, thereby inserting off web server deployment and handiest updating the CDN URL for every aspect.

Part I – Web App (Location)

Since we’ve already developed a recent JS framework for some of the characteristic substances, it’s pure to initiate by keeping apart the buyer-aspect rendering project from the principle Roblox web location project. We treat the principle project as a skeleton, so the principle project handiest wants to know which web app location to request. Then, every project hosts a bunch of identical characteristic substances and their very dangle resources.

Every aspect inner the project will comprise its dangle controller to present an endpoint to bundle Javascript, CSS, HTML, and the endpoint response redirects to the CDN URL. For instance, https://chatsite.roblox.com/chat/{model}/get-javascript-bundle as an endpoint returns https://js.rbxcdn.com/{hashNumber}.js. The redirect response stands out as the 301 Http attach of dwelling, and the response shall be cached into the browser after the first request.

In whisper to voice the browser of a change, we add a model number into the app location URL for cache busting functions. The model number is a GUID and is added/updated from the admin location. For every change made of the app location, developers establish on to deploy the app location after which trudge to the admin location to interchange the GUID to flush the cache.

Thus we inherit the identical MSBuild plan for bundling, but every project will enact its dangle MSBuild, so the proprietor of each project has flexibility to release their adjustments (as below).

Construct and Deployment

The relief of this draw is that after engineers deploy unusual code, they handiest establish on to enact two steps. First, they release an app location which has the needed adjustments. Then they change the hash value for every app location URL to voice browsers there are updates and pull updated resources. For the first time, as below, the browser will request helpful resource by updated URL and download helpful resource from the relative URL earlier than CDN URL is ready.

After the first time loading, as soon as the CDN URL is ready, the browser will initiate pulling resources from CDN directly. Care for so:

Now with this draw, we’re in a region to present a translation helpful resource for every aspect with no must fabricate a web location release. The interpretation helpful resource would no longer want bundling, and it has its dangle endpoint to get the translation helpful resource from LocaleResourceFactory as fragment of the JS file.

The project inherits the identical class draw to bundle resources and upload to the CDN. This mechanism requires image hundreds from the CSS rule to defend on the relative course. Since the CSS bundle stays a static farm, the image stays within the identical server physically. So for Part I, photos continue uploading from the principle web location as earlier than.


  • Builders are in a region to do and release their very dangle web resources for any FE change, such as Javascript, HTML, or CSS.
  • Builders can change the translation string by handiest releasing the shopper app location rather than a web release.
  • As a aspect discontinue, handiest the buyer-aspect rendering page may perhaps perhaps likely even be deployed from the app location procure pipeline which encourages teams to transfer sooner on consumer-aspect rendering refactor.


  • Ensuing from legacy bundle plan re-use, photos and contemporary JS can peaceable no longer be without grief developed and deployed from the app location.
  • For the explanation that bundles are generated when the browser sends a request to the app location, there is the chance that if the unusual CDN URL is no longer generated efficiently or is in broken attach of dwelling, then the browser may perhaps perhaps likely likely be cached earlier than the following change.

Part II – Web App (Folder)

After Part I, an evident quiz arose: Why enact we peaceable must redirect the CDN URL from the app location? Why can’t we embed the CDN URL into the principle web location code?

So we starting up fragment II trying to introduce a static say material carrier to upload web resources to S3 all the draw thru procure time, after which return the CDN URL into DB while inheriting the Part I aspect building (and holding the Roblox web location as a skeleton). Every aspect helpful resource bundle will then design to a static aspect Enum string name. The aspect name shall be embedded into the accumulate location skeleton page.

The on-line location will request static say material carrier for the most up-to-date enabled say material by aspect name and may perhaps perhaps likely peaceable get encourage a CDN URL which the CDN will pull from S3 if it would no longer comprise it cached. Then, with this static say material carrier relief, we discontinue bundling resources all the draw thru procure time. The CDN URL is then ready earlier than we enable the unusual model and validation. Since we embedded the CDN URL into the Roblox web location project directly, there’s no longer the sort of thing as a establish on to deploy the accumulate server to hit an additional app location to get the CDN URL. This saves developers from web server deployment.

When engineers deploy adjustments for the first time, handiest one step is required to interchange every static aspect bundle CDN URL from the admin location. The URL shall be pulled from CDN directly because it’s miles rarely but cached.

After the first time, CDN URL shall be readily accessible when browsers requests from static say material carrier.

The 2nd fragment of fragment II is changing the most up-to-date bundling plan with a Webpack tool. Webpack has been frail to use an SCSS compiler, merge/minify resources, upload photos, collect ES6, source-design, and many others. This webpack tool decouples the accumulate frontend project from MSBuild, so every web app is a folder to retain the helpful resource. And this implies that of the URL loader, we are in a region to load an image to the CDN and embed the CDN URL into the CSS bundle file. As it’s probably you’ll perhaps likely gape from below, the file upload and CDN URL generation happens all the draw thru the project procure time, and the CDN URL has been embedded into the Roblox web location, so we don’t want any MS deployment to release unusual CDN URLs.

So the most up-to-date procure and deployment pipeline of WebApp works admire this:


  • Builders enact no longer establish on to deploy a web server to release a change. They handiest establish on to head to the admin location and change the most up-to-date CDN URL with the associated aspect name. It’s miles a substantial development for our release pipeline.
  • Photography get uploaded and deployed with every aspect and served from the CDN.
  • Webpack tool introduction upgrades the final web frontend pattern atmosphere, releasing engineers to head to ES6+, Typescript, and many others.


  • As a change-off, we lost translation helpful resource enhance from this fragment, so any unusual helpful resource we introduce wants to combat thru web release.
  • As in Part I, any code duplication or dependencies between bundles are hard to name.

What’s Subsequent

While we’ve made substantial strides, we would resolve to continue to stare Webpack and pretty a pair of that it’s probably you’ll perhaps likely imagine tools to care for the topic of dependencies between bundles. Also, our translation helpful resource procure wants so as to procure dynamically to enable isolated deployment for any unusual helpful resource namespace introduction. We’ve come a glorious draw, but we’re continually trying to search out unusual opportunities to make our procure pipeline sooner and more straightforward to do.

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