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Qualified Striker League: Pitch Meets Battleground

Ought to you’re procuring for a sports game that combines the fun of head-to-head competition with over-the-high mayhem, it could be time to lace up your cleats and net warmed up for some rock ‘em sock ‘em footy. In Qualified Striker League, referees want not apply.

Created by Cinder Studio, Qualified Striker League gives avid gamers with something that is each acquainted and extremely rather just a few. At its roots, it’s a thrilling soccer game with refined passing/taking pictures mechanics and intense quit-to-quit action. One moment you might want to score your self on a breakaway for goal; the next component you understand, an opponent is crawl-tackling your ball and running it downfield. All the acquainted soccer mechanics are refined and intuitive.

But earlier than you’ve been having fun with very long, just a few rather just a few most important parts will safe your consideration. One is the yellow energy bar that slowly builds as you play. When it’s plump, pressing the precipitated button ignites you in a blaze of temporary invincibility. You’ll moreover look for inexperienced orbs that appear all around the pitch at random times. These believe items that can come up with an profit. Some profit you individually, comparable to lightning velocity, whereas rather just a few items could also be aged as weapons in opposition to your opponent. It doesn’t net grand better than slinging a boulder at a would-be goal scorer ethical within the reduce of time!

Qualified Striker League moreover facets so a lot of rather just a few arenas which possess their contain titillating twists. As an illustration, within the Historical Egypt-impressed scheme, you cope with mummified pitch invaders who wreak havoc on each teams by entertaining into the attain and attacking avid gamers. On the moon, rogue asteroids goal to electrify your noble methods (pun meant). It’s action-packed madness!

As well to to the in-match mechanics, there’s a customization map that lets you upgrade your stats. The more you play, the easier you and your teammates change into. Nothing beats the feeling of blazing past the opposing protection and adding barely aptitude whereas you occur to score a goal. 

Cinder Studio pulled out the entire stops for Qualified Striker League. The stadiums are beautiful, the gameplay is refined, and having fun with with company and fellow gamers is past stress-free. This game is proof that it’s k to let your imagination lunge totally wild most regularly. Ought to you’re procuring for something to quench your thirst for some competition, Qualified Strikers League is a blast…in further methods than one!

Possess it over to the pitch earlier than the next kickoff here and make definite that to apply Cinder Studio for more updates.

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