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Getting Faster and Leaner on Mobile: Optimizing Roblox with Vulkan

Roblox runs on millions of Android devices, and it’s foremost for us with a aim to create factual efficiency where that you can obtain a procedure to imagine. Rendering efficiency particularly is difficult — we target many different hardware architectures, many different forms of devices on the vitality/efficiency curve, and for certain many variations of wildly varied drivers.

In 2018, we’ve launched our Vulkan renderer and since then it has been incessantly rising in market fragment when in contrast to our OpenGL renderer, with ~forty% of our Android userbase the utilization of Vulkan on the present time.

After the initial launch, with the rising popularity of the Vulkan backend we needed to invest plenty of time in examining efficiency and improving it. Doing this required plenty of investigation and experimentation — with minimal efficiency-centered optimization or code on hand on the time, we needed to are trying varied approaches to every particular dispute and obtain what works best doubtless for us.

At Reboot Assemble Red 2019, we gave a blended focus on with ARM to duvet the efficiency optimization dispute from two varied angles:

  • There’s now a rising sequence of efficiency-centered sample Vulkan code that change into once developed by ARM and donated to Khronos, which you perhaps would perhaps perhaps obtain out about here: https://www.khronos.org/weblog/vulkan-releases-unified-samples-repository. Joe Rozek from ARM talked in regards to the general structure of the samples and the framework obsolete.
  • To assist other developers optimize Vulkan code and give some insights into the issues and alternate choices we encountered at Roblox, I talked about several concrete issues we encountered whereas optimizing our renderer, tradeoffs we needed to mediate about and alternate choices we utilized.
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The video for the focus on is posted on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPW5ckkqiqA), and likewise you can obtain a procedure to obtain the slides here (https://zeux.io/files/reboot2019.pdf).

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This weblog post change into once before all the pieces revealed on the Roblox Tech Weblog.

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