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A Message to the Roblox Community

Pricey Roblox workers and community contributors –

It is some distance a making an try time for all of us soft now. We had been thru three months of battling an outbreak and enduring the many challenges of sheltering in negate. Under the bottom, folks are struggling. Forty million Americans are out of work. There is a hidden toll on our collective psychological successfully being this means that of uncertainty, the disruption of our day-to-day routines, and the tragic lack of 1000’s of lives.

Now, with the sizzling tragedy in my negate of beginning of Minneapolis, we are faced with another occurrence of injustice in opposition to the Shadowy community. Many folks in our country relish justifiably lost religion in the American dream and the prospects of a soft society. For Shadowy Americans who relish endured years of systemic injustice, this lack of religion is sadly no longer new. We’re seeing folks be in contact up and take to the streets to query equality, and tons of us are grappling with what to enact to compose our world a extra appropriate and soft negate.

As I write this, the sphere appears upside down, and so I flip inward and judge on the values that we embraced over 12 years ago after we based Roblox.

Admire the Community – Put the needs of our community above our procure

Desire the Prolonged Test out – Incorporate our long-term targets in each option

Fetch Stuff Executed – Hold a bias towards motion

Self-put together – Act autonomously

Hold It – Hold the final result for which you are accountable

Roblox workers and our community are working collectively to compose a civil, appropriate, and respectful on-line society. There is so remarkable extra we are going to have the flexibility to enact. I do know we are going to have the flexibility to secure ways to ship folks together to learn and perceive each other. My hope is that our community will take these learnings and experiences to the sphere outside, and put together them towards factual as they change into the leaders of the next day.

Please prioritize your self-care soft now. In repeat for you somebody to check with with, please reach out to family, relatives, and friends. Whereas you are working at Roblox, you can additionally reach out to me, your supervisor, or your teammates. We’re right here to reinforce you.

David Baszucki

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